A Powerful Bonding & Healing Technique

How to Join -Take two comfortable chairs and place them so you can sit close to and facing your Joining partner. Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Playing some relaxing or emotionally meaningful music will also help. You can gently hold hands if you like. Now make eye contact with the other person and […]

Why We Have a False Perception of Integrity

When used to describe a person integrity becomes very subjective, in the sense that integrity in a person is directly related to who they are and what they value. As such, everyone can have a different version of what integrity means to them personally. The difference in perception of integrity being objective vs. subjective is […]

Steps to Starting a Small Business

The very first step, for most, is the idea. Whether your small business will be a completely new and innovative venture, or a franchise, you still have to have the idea to start it before anything else can happen. Next, usually, there is a period of weighing the pros and cons. This is a critical […]