Awesome Life When You’re Frustrated With Life

Beautiful and inspiring when it works, infuriating when it doesn’t. Or maybe that’s just me!

Except, of course it’s always working.

But before you dive headlong into beating yourself up for creating the stuff you don’t like/want, remember that you’re not just creating at a conscious level.

We create subconsciously too. Where we have bought into stuff that is simply invisible to us.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m not a creator of awesomeness, I tend to be an awesome creator of cr*p.

We all are. The trick is to be able to create more of what we consciously want – with ease.

So when you’re frustrated with life here are some things to do to get the energy moving.

1. Complete this sentence. My story about ________ is…

Fill in the blank with whatever aspect of your life it is you want to change.

Don’t overthink it. Just write whatever comes into your head.

You might surprise yourself.

Not sure what your story is? Then look at what it’s happening in your life in that area. It will give you massive clues to what the story is.

Knowing what your story is will help you change it.

2. Acknowledge what you have created.

You might not have created what you want, but when we resist what is, we push against it and this just creates more resistance…

Which gives you what?

Yip, more of what you don’t want!

So acknowledge your great creation.

Imagine if you focused your energy in the direction of what you do want, not what you don’t want?

3. Get clear.

What is it you truly desire to create? If you turned up on planet earth tomorrow and weren’t trying to fit in/please people, what would YOU choose to create?

4. Quit judging yourself.

You’re quite literally attacking yourself when you judge yourself.

Judging yourself for what you’ve created doesn’t help you at all. It’s more likely to keep you where you’re at.

Easy to say, again harder to live.

So if you need to howl at the moon. Do it.

But really do it. Don’t be half hearted about anything you do.