Join MLM Lead System Pro

Anyone who joins MLM Lead System Pro from your recommendation will be put onto your team. They will then have access to all the same courses and marketing products which will be open to you. The big advantage of promoting MLM Lead System Pro is that you will also be promoting the education courses and affiliate products within the system. Therefore, commissions from these sales are paid directly to you… and rightly so!

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 2

After you have set up all of your affiliate accounts, you should then put in place your Auto-responder messages. I recommend that you take full benefit from the fact the system may be integrated with either an AWeber, or GetResponse account You PERSONALLY OWN. By loading your leads into your very own Auto-responder, you keep full ownership of your leads. This is critical, as you will discover at a later time!

Don’t panic! If you don’t currently have your personal Auto-responder account or follow-up messages then you will be able to take advantage of the step-by-step tutorials in the back-office. By following your tutorials you’ll be shown the right way to create an account, as well as the way to preload all the follow-up messages that have been written for yourself by MLM Lead System Pro. These messages will promote the affiliate products with your personal affiliate links. These are the links that you set up in the first step.

I actually do suggest you read and modify the follow-up messages when you get time, as you want to make sure that they fit your business as well as match your style of writing. Remember, you need your subscribers to get to know YOU!

Join MLM Lead System Pro – Step 3

After getting your affiliate accounts and email Auto-responder set up, it’s time to construct your first campaign. I am not going to go into precisely how this is achieved, since there are tutorials inside the back-office that can cover this. Instead, I would like to provide some general pointers on what I’ve done to produce the best results.

In my opinion the key with a successful campaign capture page, would be to customise the page fully to market yourself, your training and your business. Some of the capture pages provided inside the system may convert slightly better, but don’t forget your aim is to position yourself as an expert. Therefore, you’ll want to record your own video and modify the Headlines and text to suit your message. If you aren’t comfortable recording videos then get comfortable with it!

To be serious though, if you prefer to not use video at this point then make use of your own pictures while using text formats, so that your message will be tailored to you personally and what you can offer.