Practical Steps to Starting a Business Online

I’ve written this not to scare or deter you from chasing your dreams but rather in an attempt to make this leap as successful as possible by sharing what I’ve learned over the years and having gone through it personally. 1. Begin by considering what it is in life that you’ve always wanted to do. […]

The Importance of a Business Plan

Your plan should be spelled out in clear and defining terms and be kept simple. It should be a written document and used as a tool in managing the business. A plan should include but is not limited to the following: 1. A statement of your business purpose 2. A description of your company 3. […]

the Benefits of Business Coaching

This may sound strange to some people, In simple terms, it is a working relationship between the coach and his client clearly guiding them, through process and procedures which helps to elicit from them answers to their queries. This is a business tactic created in order to guide a the business owner, encouraging him to […]

Business Name Ideas

The name is memorable When brainstorming business name ideas, you want to choose a name that a consumer remembers for all the right reasons. A creative industry calls for a creative name such as ‘A Snip Above the Rest’ for a hairdressing salon or you may want to play on words such as ‘Bean Me […]

Wellness Business! Five Ways to Make the Business More Profitable

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 34 % of the population are overweight and more than 33 % are obese. Many of the remaining 30+% can benefit from learning more about being fit and eating well. Yet many of the experts in food, nutrition, health and fitness are not business experts. So […]